At Thales Campus, all of our students are required to participate in age-appropriate social responsibility activities as well as compulsory and optional curriculum activities. Our students take part in different social responsibility projects individually or in small groups for at least 10 hours throughout the year, either inside or outside the school. In this way, they master issues such as environmental management, cooperation, ecosystem, learning to teach...

Throughout the learning cycle of social responsibility projects, students research, plan, act and reflect. All of this is critical for them to be leaders, thinkers and communicators who can empathize and understand their environment.

  1. Ability to Explain

  2. Ability to foresee

  3. Ability to apply what they have learned to new situations

  4. Ability to make connections

  5. Ability to Verify

  6. Ability to Defend

  7. We measure the ability to relate.