Suje Educational Institutions aim at meaningful learning with an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum that focuses on students. Therefore, our teachers differentiate instruction to meet students' changing needs, abilities and learning styles and offers them a balanced curriculum. Thus, every child discovers their own potential as they grow up.

Thales Campus hosts events, focused sessions, competitions and workshops to engage students with authentic learning and practice.

The achievements of each student are constantly evaluated. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques, such as knowledge and skills, observations, portfolios of student work, and analysis of books, projects, and practical work. Attitude, learning skills, social relationships and effort are equally important when looking at the overall development of the child. Meetings are held with parents four times a year to review each student's social and academic progress.

We know that children come to us as diverse individuals with unique experiences, abilities and interests. With this awareness, we adapt the curriculum in our schools to the individual development of the child.