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Suje Schools Tales Campus

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Suje Schools Tales Campus

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Our Educational Ecosystem is an understanding that develops students “multifaceted”, encourages innovative ideas, and gives them decision-making skills.


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There is a struggle under every success, and there is no way to get anywhere by short cuts. Suje Schools are among the outstanding organizations of this country that make responsible decisions and educates students with high self-awareness with their approach that focuses on the process, not the result.


Hakan Kızıltoprak

Finance Committee Delegate & Vice Chair CERN

Academic success is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a student. The challenge is deciding and applying how to build the skills necessary for academic success. In this sense, it is a great honor to be a part of this amazing team at Suje.


Prof. Dr. Metin Ercan

Professor at Bogazici University

When students are happy, they can solve problems better, they are more open to critical thinking and reasoning, their focus is more harmonious, and their ability to retain and remember information increases. That's why Suje's students know what they know and know what they need to know.


Michael Strong

As the world we live in changes to embrace the future of technology, how and what we teach in our education system will also be reshaped to keep up with the increasing demands of the 21st century. One of the chief architects of this work is Suje Schools.

Louis Slaughter