Suje can be called “The One Who Knows”. That is, it is the entity that seeks information, wants to know, thinks, and seeks. Philosophers are Suje. The word Suje is the subject, “knower” meets the same concept. Suje, who has the ability to ask questions, knows the truth; it is the entity that strives to reach with the values of reason, observation, intuition and so on.

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Our journey; it started with a search for an education different from the existing one. We came together for children who love to learn and take responsibility for their learning. We rolled up our sleeves to establish Suje, which rebuilds itself every day.

Children come to Suje Educational Institutions Thales Campus to learn, laugh and grow. They take firm steps towards becoming well-equipped and conscientious individuals who are sensitive to the problems of the society they live in, with their teachers and Thought Leaders consisting of academics, artists and scientists. They are children who are alone with nature and have a wealth of senses and emotions. In smart greenhouses, they bring the seeds together with the soil, sometimes watching a flower or a fruit seed sprouting. They work, they take responsibility, they discover. They create their own nature experiences. They produce organic fertilizer with worms, investigate how micro stages exist in different soil types, comprehend the importance of ecological agriculture, and healthy and balanced nutrition. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us and being a part of this special community.


We Invite You To Be Happier!

At Suje we know that every child is unique. For this reason, we do not compare them to each other in the learning journey we embark on, and we do not rank them with memorized information compressed between questions and choices. We focus on the individual success of each of our students and care about their personal success.

We believe in creating opportunities for our students to offer a rich academic program and deep and meaningful learning experiences.

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Our vision at Suje; to inspire students to create their own unique futures as academically, socially and ecologically literate citizens.

At this school, our students not only choose an educational path to help them achieve their academic goals, but also develop life skills as thoughtful and principled young adults.