Secondary School

Suje Schools always aim at high standards in the education it provides and designs educational programs that will guide its students to high school and to be equipped for life. That is why one of the strengths of our school is the interdisciplinary programs that support core courses.

In this way, our secondary school students, who experience the most productive times of their mental development, grow up versatile. .

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Our Academic Applications

Mathematics / Mathematical Strategies / Mathematical Applications

I In secondary school mathematics teaching, we prioritize mathematical concepts in order to develop high-level thinking skills and build a solid academic foundation.

For this reason, mathematics lessons are conducted in an interactive and hands-on way that allows students to make sense of mathematical concepts.

Creating Meaning from Mathematics

At Suje, manipulatives, hands-on tools, and resources are used to show students the physical representation of mathematics.

Mathematics teaching has a special place in Suje, because we care about our students learning how to take mathematics out of the classroom and into the world around them.

Suje’de matematik öğretiminin ayrı bir yeri vardır. Çünkü biz öğrencilerimizin matematiği sınıftan dışarıya ve çevrelerindeki dünyaya nasıl taşıyacaklarını öğrenmelerini önemseriz.

There are specially designed equipped math classrooms for secondary school students at Suje. It is designed for exploring, questioning, systematically studying, visualizing, estimating, explaining, generalizing, verifying, proving collections of materials and activities in classes.

At Suje, these are all central to mathematical thinking.

Matematik / Matematik Stratejileri / Matematiksel Uygulamalar

Foreign Language Learning

In our school program, we place a lot of weight on our Foreign Language Learning with them having the most hours.

Our courses are conducted with multimedia support in 3 different language classes that are technically equipped and specially designed. We support the reading, listening and speaking skills of our students with the online programs used. .

Our English curriculum has been prepared in accordance with the achievements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Our students' ability to speak English at international standards, to understand what they read and listen to, and to gain basic skills of written expression form the basis of our language teaching.

Our students take the Cambridge University YLE exams, which are determined in the table below, in order to determine the proficiency levels of their language development processes on the international platform.

Suje'de Yabancı Dil Öğrenimi
Suje'de Yabancı Dil Öğrenimi

Scientific Thinking Skills

Suje has a Science Laboratory and Science classrooms specially designed for secondary school students. Our teachers, who use discovery and inquiry models in the classroom, care that students spend most of their time with applications carried out in the laboratory.

At Suje, the Science course is supported by Science Applications courses.

Through the interaction of these two courses and other disciplines, we guide our students to ask questions, make observations and collect evidence, use the evidence to draw conclusions, and create hands-on opportunities to seek answers to questions.

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Classroom of the Course

At Suje, each branch (Turkish, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics…) has its own classrooms. All classes are equipped with the materials of the relevant course. In this way, students are positively affected by the classroom atmosphere.

Thanks to interdisciplinary programs;

  1. Mathematics lessons; Mathematics Strategies course is supported by Mathematical Applications course and question solution hours,ir,
  2. Turkish lessons; Creative Writing is supported by Reading Circle practices and question-solving hours,
  3. While the Science course is supported by the Science Applications course, the Global Literacy course makes what is learned in the Social Studies course permanent.

Our secondary school students put teamwork to work with the projects they carry out and transfer the knowledge they have acquired to practice.

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