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Meryem Cumart

Meryem Cumart

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Eğitim - Sertifikalar

  • Lisans, Ankara Üniversitesi Dil Tarih ve Coğrafya Fakültesi
  • Lisans, High Level Teaching
  • Lisans, Advanced Practitioner in Scholls Colleges

  • Phonics (A way of teaching children how to read and write),
  • EAL (English as an Additional Language),
  • Autism and Related Problems,
  • Behavioral Management in Special Educational Needs,
  • Child Protection Awareness in Education,
  • Chidren’s Rights,
  • Children’s Mental Health,
  • Engaging Children and Young People,
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents,
  • Play Therapy and Story Telling

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  • British Embassy School Ankara (BESA)

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